Sleepless Nights Water Rights | LYRICS

These are hands that held the chimes, these are the arms that longed to find,
A new vision feel, a new life revealed

These are legs that ran to you, these are legs that ran to you
Hoping to find something new, hoping to learn something true
From you from you

Ten children watched the sun at set, twelve children laugh at trial's end
everybody wants to be your friend, they'll all love you in the end
It's true, it's true

Happy the man who can share all his wealth and understand what it is to know himself.

I'm not a man who lives in fear, of solitude or constant cheer
These are the crimes of those who care, these are the realms of anywhere

Oh, what you sing and what you write, the only thing that ever might
Raise you above from where you are, Don't look down now you are a star
It's true, it's true

Last night you rang my ears
Thirty minutes and thirty beers
Four alarms couldn't put out the flames
Five seconds to blow her away
On the Merry-go-round

Your love is dead
Baby hold on to me
What had she said
wanting To anger me

Porters and matchmen paved the way
The path is broken and works to betray
She's not the first one to walk that line
Nor the last with wages so fine

On the dotted line she'll sign her name
The sinners wait and stake their claim
No peace in rest she lives the dream
strive that you never fall in between

Through morning fog, cold winds blow
Ice is the answer, ice in your bones
Old men whisper, old ladies moan
Dreams are returned, dreams on loan

I know my dreams are always in motion
You came blue jeans,
wonder world of devotion
Where did you come from

I ran knee deep waters in the ocean
Tide flow brought me
back to the beginning
Always my world spinning

In a mad I you danced apocalypse pie in my dreams, in my dreams
Now I can't tell I can't tell sunshine from those scenes in my dreams

Monday mad love, trying to remember
Metamorphing into a December
Our love's fading embers

What a strange disease, I can't eat I can't sleep

What is that in the mirror, can I get any nearer

What a strange disease, what a strange disease

I don't have a fever, love is such a deceiver

All my vision is gone, but my senses are strong

Eli, Merck, and Pfizer aren't any the wiser
Nothing dulls the pain, nothing slows the brain

Watching visions of you,
these are divisions of truth

What a strange disease, what a strange disease

I look around this empty room, where in life you used to be,
it's an esoteric notice from this tainted point of view…of everything I never did for you.
And there's a clock up on the wall, it just don't seem right at all, it can tell me when to sleep, brush my teeth and when to eat…but never when you're gonna call
Oh, it's a question that I've always asked the sky, just how high are you and can I touch you now
There's a tarantula on the floor, he is heading towards the door, seeking choicer corners where the spotted dragons fly…only you and he know why
There's a mirror on the shelf, where I sit and stare at myself, it's a heavy rain reminder of the love that you once felt…and the rings around my belt.
Oh, it's a question that I've always asked the sky, just how high are you and can I touch you now
Oh, and these four walls they are only in my mind, and there's a party in the next room if I could leave these walls, leave these walls behind.

People stare and don't want you there
In your home town, in your home town
Black and white cars escort you to Pharr
In your home town, in your home town

civic pride with red eyes wide
wish you pain and soon to die, In your home town

The Summer sun is lots of fun
In your home town, in your home town

Inventing games with words that shun
In your home town, in your home town

Bastard son of foreign airs
Rose parades and field trip pairs, In your home town

You can never go home again
Anyway you don't want to

Coyotes lead banditos way
In your hometown, in your hometown
Before you run you've got to pay
In your hometown, in your hometown

You got crew cut kids on motorbikes
Sleepless nights and water rights
In your hometown

There's always someone calling you
To where you belong to
Something bought and something sold
In your hometown, in your hometown

Help me in my burdens, yours is no disgrace

You can comfort broken-hearted men without a face

But you will remember me

I was dodging land mines searching for some space

You were cutting paper into wedding lace
I threw it all away

Into history I decline, troubled hearts meet troubled minds, Never learned to walk in rain, please forget me and the pain

You told me the truth then I heard only lies
I guess I wasn't ready for your hazel eyes
I learned a lot from you
About what not to do

I was reading Webster you read Ambrose Bierce
Love's true definition rarely felt so fierce
You learned a lot from me
About what you could be

There are voices in my head, but they're not mine
They're the voices from the past, Of those I left behind

Fluoxetine in my mind, well it helps to pass the time
But still they talk to me, Night after night

Some in passion, some in vain
When day turns night, it's just the same
All who breathe, speak its name

Oh, it's a catastrophe
Oh, it's a wave of violence
Oh, it's a forgotten dream
Drowning in your tear drenched pillow

Oh, walk away
Oh, walk away

Oh, it's a notion often sold by men on the road
I hear voices in my head, I know they are not mine
They're the voices of the future, That I hope to find

Some in passion, some in vain,
When sun shines down again
Laugh and smile to the ground,
Though they are the dead

There are feelings I can no longer ignore,
they shatter my bones on to the floor
There are people I can no longer see,
they cast my dreams upon the sea


Mountains they come and mountains they go and never shed a tear
Children won't believe
Lies they're told, when they are young, they're lives just begun


Begins a whimper becomes a cry no sorrow is concealed
Living, breathing, all this remains, when two hearts cannot heal


I think I'll take a photograph so I can have something to last
I think I'll take your photograph I need something to make me laugh

Strength is perception, your courage a lie
beat sword to ploughshare
a nation at war, learn war no more

Your tears don't scare me, the knife you wield is your deep dark secret never revealed

Your deep dark secret, you will not tell, holding your life back in a personal hell

Some wicked playground 1982 what did those children do to you

That time you threatened to end your life when your father took some other wife

Please don't tell me it's not real you can't control it when

you feel. Listening so hard to the past, I can see your future

fading fast

Your corner bookstore, reading by brail about your first communion, and father Dale

All things considered on the radio, dining on food stamps and sloppy joes

Called to the office called to the nurse you're feeling better you're feeling worse

The diagnosis no one can see is your deep dark secret staring at me

There's no end to the advice they'll give you
Though they don't know who you are
They'll wish the best upon you
Though they'd be well advised to wish it upon themselves

OH, sickness in your head
Oh, sometimes you'd rather be flying
Flying back to a home without fear

Momma it's not your fault
Incorrigible children cannot be taught
Letting go of an object so immense
creates a vacuum too intense

Oh, Sickness in your soul
Oh, won't leave you whole
Try again to look up from the sky where you are

Pack away your picture frames
Wipe the tears off your glasses
Your memories only serve you pain
As water rushes through mountain passes

OH, as smiles return
Oh, she clips the buds of tiny flowers
Flying back, to a home, fly back to a home without fear








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